Mobility & Services.


Using EnLighten means being less stressed during driving. Using real-time signal information and position information from GPS and cell signals, EnLighten notices when drivers stop at a red light. It then uses Connected Signals' proprietary technology to predict when that light will change. If it can predict, it tells them. Then, just before the light turns green, a chime warns the driver to get ready. To make sure you don’t get honked on while you are trying to take a sip of coffee.   

  • The benefits at a glance
    • Time remaining at traffic lights
    • An overview of speed restrictions
    • Acoustic signal as a reminder


Glympse is a fast, free and easy option to share your location live with your family, friends and colleagues with the aid of GPS tracking. Tell them that you’re on the way to the arranged meeting and Glympse works out when you will be there. With the aid of the timer function, you decide how long your location remains visible. No registration is necessary. Find out more in your preferred store.   

  • The benefits at a glance
    • Share your location in real time via text message, e-mail or Twitter
    • No registration necessary
    • Runs on all Internet-capable devices


The SIXT app makes renting a vehicle easier. Selection takes place with filters such as vehicle group, budget, manufacturer, and engine type. The chosen vehicle is then ready and waiting 30 minutes later. The app shows you a barcode which you have to display when you pick up the vehicle. This speeds everything a great deal and there are no long waiting times. App users benefit from the continuously updated special offers.   

  • The benefits at a glance
    • Access to all vehicle categories including trucks
    • Simplified vehicle search thanks to filter function
    • Chosen vehicle ready in 30 minutes